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Maximise your Return from your Investment Property

Airbnb & Homestay Management Service in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

About company

Sunrise Zencity PLT was created based on a mutual passion of helping home owners to maximize their rental income with the sharing economy in Malaysia

We are travellers and property investors like you who believe in the sharing economy. We understand problems and challenges faced by homestay hosts in the region. 

With the assistance of Sunrise Zencity, we are opening up oppurtunities for home owners to additional passive incomes each month.

Our MISSION & GOAL Statement


To help property owner to maximise the return of investment through strategically planning and effective execution. We also deliver value added services for our guests to enhance their travel experiences.


To be one of the leading professional property management services company in Malaysia and provide property owners with transparent financial reports and occupancies.

Our Values

We believe giving values to our guests is the top priority. Without happy guests, there will be no return of investment for your property. So we always provide value-added services such as airport pickup, local guidebook, and even early/late check-in/out when possible.


Property Management services

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our cleaners with years of experience working in the cleaning sector, we will make sure your home remains spotless.

Periodic Inspection

We ensure your property is in good condition by performing periodic inspection and repair.

Property Administration

Put your mind at ease as we help you settle little things such as paying your utility bills, maintenance fees etc

Furnishing & ID Solutions

We partner with ID firms and provide consultation on the renovation and design your own unique place.

Operation Services

Guest Communication & Screening

We thoroughly communicate and screen each potential guest to ensure only the most reputable guests will be staying in your home.

Key Management

Seamless and hassle-free check-in/out for our guest. You can count on us for a breezy, convenience yet secured experience.

Housekeeping & Amenities

We run our own housekeepers to ensure your property maintain the highest possible cleanliness standards. Basis essential are also provided such as toiletries, cleaning refills etc

Accounting & Reporting

We believe that the whole process should be transparent for you, therefore we provide monthly revenue report on all bookings. Alternatively, client can access and check their revenue real time.

Marketing Strategy

In-house Booking Platform

We developed our own booking platform with its unique selling proposition and partner with qualified hosts.

Synchronized Booking Calendar

Instant updates on all the booking platforms, your listing inventory won’t have issues with overbooking.

Listing Optimisation

We create the listing with highly converting copy, a catchy title, professional photography and all your property’s best features beautifully presented.

Price Optimization

We analysts keep an eye on the numbers to ensure your occupancy and profit rates are fully optimised. “Never a missed opportunity” is our maxim for success

Our properties

Our Online Travel Agency Partners

We only focus on the most relevant OTAs that fit our market and provide the highest occupancy to our properties with quality guests.

How it works

We get your property setup for Short Term Rental in Five Simple Steps

Step 1

Initial Assesment

Our expert will arrange a site visit to evaluate the property condition and work with owners to understand his/her design requirements and budget.

Step 2


Our team will provide owners a comprehensive business proposal which includes revenue projection based on agreed engagement plan, renovation design proposal and budget estimates.

Step 3

Remodelling & Renovation

Our ID & renovation partners will transform your home with inspiration to match the market needs and specific unique selling point to reach our target occupancy rate in the shortest time.

Step 4

Listing Setup & Optimising

We will create and optimise the listing according to known ranking requirement. It includes highly converting description, a catchy title as well as profession photography to show the best nuances of your home when the place is ready.

Step 5


We will market your listing at multiple booking platforms (OTA) and work towards getting excellent guest review to reach our occupancy goals and meet the revenue target.

Flexible Profit Sharing Models

You can sit back and relax without you having to do any of the hard work such as handle guest communication, check-in/out, cleaning and many more.

We simplify it and provide total hassle-free service with our flexible models below


  • Property owner take 65% of revenue
  • Inclusive of cleaning fees
  • Minus utility bills first after revenue split
  • Owner is responsible for maintenance fees
  • Toiletry & consumable items is included for free.


  • Property owner take 70% of revenue
  • Not including cleaning fees
  • Owner is responsible for utilities bills & maintenance fees
  • Toiletry & consumable items is included for free.


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“Their service was everything I hoped for, and more. They take care everything for me and my apartment is always at the top condition."
R&F Property Owner

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